All About Greg

I am "That Guy"

You know, the one everyone comes to for help. Do you know why? Because I don't quit. I follow through with what I say I'll do till it's finished. Being a God loving patriot of this great state of ours, I have integrity and honesty that's seldom found these days, just ask my friends. Now what if I could get you top dollar for your house like I say I could? I mean, that would be like hiring a agent to sell your house, but not having to pay anything out of pocket till your house sells. What a concept! That would surely be a win-win, right?

Experience that Matters!

As a Native Texan and Houstonian, I bring to you over 18 years of experience in real estate business. Anything from luxury homes to investment properties. Most agents can't say that. It takes special knowledge and I'm that special guy. Why go to anyone else? Even If you're facing foreclosure or need a short sale, I've done it and can help you. If you need any help remodeling, finding contractors, or rehabbing a property, wholesaling, and multi-family commercial properties. I handle all aspects of this business, right down to DIY projects. You need to sell right? What are you waiting on?

I've even worked with a CCIM partner and have the right experience for all your 1031 exchanges, self directed IRA, and REIT investments. Having handled these types of deals, I have another advantage over what most agents can't offer. With the REALM Professionals team, I have expanding my resources just to help you more. If you've read this far, I have a little something more to share...

So why I am I here? Why did I get into the real estate business? Well it's simple. I was wronged by a seller/landlord who took advantage of me and my wife. Yup and I was so furious. I didn't even know what my rights were. So I asked around, took some classes and quickly learned what I was up against and what was right way to buy and sell a house. I vowed not let it happen again. So I learned everything I could. It took a long time and many classes. I liked the hands-on approach dealing with houses. I exited out of my 30+ years in the computer IT field and jumped full time into real estate. It wasn't easy and problems popped up along the way, but I handled it and got them fixed.

And you know, there is nothing worse than relying on someone to do something and it doesn't get done. I can't tell you the number of times I said I might as well do it myself. So I made sure I had a good team of folks that help me make sure that everything gets done properly and in a timely matter. I'm sure you want that too, right?

So how about let's take a few minutes to get to know each other, see why I'm different, and let's talk about your situation. I know I can help you sell your house fast because I know it's not all about price. Every property is different, each has it's own issues. I've had a couple try to sell their house and never knew they didn't actually own it or have clear title to sell it because the title company never closed it properly when they bought it (Yes the title company I used fixed it quickly). I've helped an elderly lady sell her estate to move into a senior care center, only to find out the City, and the IRS, had a liens against the property from her late husband's oil business. Needless to say, my team and I resolved the issues and got almost all the fees dropped except for a few penalty charges (you know they had to get something to make then feel good). I am here to tell you I can help you too. I can't promise outcomes like these, but I can promise I will do everything I can to work out any issues. But I can't do it alone and I can't do it without you. We need to talk. Even if you don't have problems like these, wouldn't you want that dedication working for you?

I am "prepared" to help YOU survive this. Are you ready? Why don't you call me today, Greg, The Prepper Realtor! You'll be glad you did. ANY property condition, ANY situation, (832) 444-4433